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Corporate Concierge

We offer Corporate concierge services, designed to be an employee benefit, our intent is to offer these services to the employer so there can be ease of strain on employees by tackling their to-do lists while they work. Services are fully customized by the employer, our errand running, is convenient and offered as a discount service to the employee. Which increases employee productivity while they focus on the job, providing more motivation and quality at work.


We would love to help your employees by providing our concierge services, by providing this, we help them save as much as 20 hrs per month, from distractions, we understand the overwhelmness of every individual, and their long "To-Do Lists" allowing them to continue staying focus and motivated in their work.


We offer an array of services from waiting on cable installments, grocery shopping, servicing their vehicles, to walking their dog. Helping saving time, and reducing stress because we understand

that sometimes 24 hrs isn't enough to complete everyone's to-do list.  

Employee Benefit

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