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Personal Services

Getting your home organized seems like a great idea, but doing it yourself may seem impossible. Our team of professionals can help you get organized. We can help you get your home in order and we also help you get rid of unwanted goods.



 -Home offices


 -Drop off at Local Charities


Home Organization

Automotive Assistance Services

House Sitting

Waiting Services

Moving Assistance

It is important to ensure that your vehicle is taken in for service. When needed, we can take it in for anything from carwashes to inspections and repairs. We can make sure your car is in the best condition. Need a carwash but don't feel like waiting in a long line?

 -Take vehicle in for Maintenance and Repairs

 -Take vehicle to Auto Service Stations

 -Take vehicle for Car Wash or Auto Detailing

 -Need Vehicle Registration State Inspections and Registration

You may not always be around to take care of the small, but important chores, but we can make sure your home is in good shape

while you are in vacation. Keeping your home safe & sound,

forgot to water the plants or to turn off your lights?

We can take care of that for you.

 -Adjust blinds

 -Key Holding

 -Bring in your mail and newspaper

 -Take out the trash

 -Turn lights on/off

 -Watering of your plants

 -Make sure alarms are on

 -Restock refrigerator


It is important to have someone you can trust for those times you just canĀ“t make it home. If you need to meet the plumber, cleaning staff or any other service technician in your home, we can be there. We offer waiting services to help you take care of your home.

-Cleaning staff

-Service Technicians: Cable, Phone, Satellities, TV, etc.

-Landscaping, contractors, painters, etc.

-Package deliveries and signatures

-Watch home during remodeling/ construction

-Wait for children to arrive from school



Moving to a new a home can be stressful, a time-consuming task that requires careful planning and management. We can help with everything from packing, labeling and updating addresses.  Save time and get you move done efficiently and professionally by Bright Errands.

 -Packing, Labeling & Unpacking

 -Address changes and Updates

 -New utilities/ service sign-ups

 -Help you find the Moving Company

Bright Errands

Pet Services

A pet is a member of the family, but taking your dog for a walk or changing the cat litter may be more time consuming than you can afford. We can help with early morning dog walks, appointments to

the vet or groomer, and we will even take care of your loved one

while you are out on vacation.

 -Out for a walk or play catch

 -Vet or Grooming Visits


 -Pet-sitting or Overnight Stay

 -Boarding Drop-off or Pick ups


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-Personal Services

Home Organization

Automotive Assistance Services

House Sitting

Waiting Services

Pet Services

Moving Assistance